Restaurant review: Voreas, Larnaca

19 November 2018

Restaurant review: Voreas, Larnaca

Walking through the quaint streets of the village of Oroklini on the outskirts of Larnaca, you notice all the old style village houses that over the years have maintained their charm. Behind one of the doors of these houses is the restaurant Voreas. It is named after the God of wind because the house was known for having a wonderful breeze pass through, which was perfect for the hot summer months.

Old style village houses were built around a courtyard in the middle of the house. Andreas, who works at Voreas, explained that back in the day people did not want to show their wealth so the house was almost like a fort, just a small door so nobody that did not reveal what was behind it. One of the rooms now used as a dining area used to be where the animals were kept! Hanging on the wall in that room is a portrait of the original owner of the house from 150 years ago. The house has been kept in the family and passed down ever since.


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