Restaurant review: Feng’s House, Larnaca

28 February 2024

Restaurant review: Feng’s House, Larnaca

I enjoy walking along Finikoudes in Larnaca, especially now it stretches all the way to Mackenzy. But some of the restaurants have the reputation of being a tourist trap, and this has put me off in the past. However, one restaurant has been there for quite some time and is a cuisine I rather enjoy so, after one of those walks, I felt like we had earned the reward of trying Feng’s House.

It was after lunch but not quite dinner time which worked out to be in our favour as we easily got a table. The restaurant looks very modern and inviting and even the chairs were comfy. The tables were laid impeccably and the place was spotless. Due to the time we turned up, there weren’t many tables and the subtle traditional music playing was enough to dilute any conversation happening at other tables.


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