Restaurant review: Edem's Yard, Larnaca

16 Апрель 2019

Restaurant review: Edem's Yard, Larnaca

I think it’s fair to say that the cuisine in Cyprus has evolved rapidly over the last few years. New ideas, creativity and a variety of different types of restaurants have been injected in to our little island. One fairly new place that fits that description is Edem’s Yard in Larnaca. Located down one of the little side streets that connect Zinonos Kiteos to Phinikoudes, Edem’s yard is a breakfast and brunch yard. The entrance is simple yet classy, two taupe coloured doors with Edem’s yard in shiny silver on a brilliant white backdrop on either side.

This was actually the third time I had attempted to try Edem’s yard. They have a policy of making no reservations and the previous times I had not fancied waiting in what was a very long queue! There was still a queue this time but at least unlike other times, we were able to get in through the door so decided to wait it out. It is a little frustrating when you have been stood waiting and the host comes and announces that a table for two has just been freed up and the people who arrived 10 minutes after you get a table. Despite this, Edem’s yard consistently has a steady flow of people coming back so this is testament to the quality of the food they serve. Luckily, we only waited 15 minutes and when you are in good company, that isn’t a very long time to wait. The host Stefanos, was very friendly and helpful and made sure that we were comfortable.


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