What is Agros getting right?

03 декабря 2018

What is Agros getting right?

Judging by the ever-busy Rodon Hotel, Agros is a favourite destination for Cypriots and foreigners alike. But what is so different from other mountain villages, which are struggling to fill their hotels during most months of the year?

It is probably a combination of factors.

For one, there is the hotel itself which offers a range of indoor and outdoor facilities at reasonable rates, plus – arguably more important for many of its Cypriot guests – there is music and dancing late into the night, especially at weekends.

Though some of these guests may love nature only enough to drive to the hotel, chat in the lobby and dance the night away to the hotel’s band, there is also real nature to explore, in the form of three nature trails starting at the outskirts of the village, to Madari, Lagoudhera and Kato Milos.


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