Pafos Zoo shows off its new baby lion Simba

05 April 2019

Pafos Zoo shows off its new baby lion Simba

The Pafos Zoo on Friday announced the birth of a male white lion, which is the first of its kind born in Cyprus. The cub, born some three weeks ago, was named Simba.

The owner of the Pafos Zoo, Ioulios Christoforou, said that Simba’s parents, a pair of white lions, Zeus and Hera, have been with them for the past eight years.

Simba is being fed eight times per day with special milk brought from abroad.

Christoforou said Simba was in good health and would receive care from the zoo’s staff until he turns eight months. After that, he will be introduced to the other lions at the zoo through another programme.

White lions, he said, are rare in zoos and even rarer in the wild.

He said that it is very difficult for lions of this type to reproduce in captivity.

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