Restaurant review: The Noodle House, Limassol

30 January 2019

Restaurant review: The Noodle House, Limassol

Going out to dinner in Limassol can be a bit hit and miss but every now and again you strike gold. Located at the far end of St Andrew’s Street is The Noodle House, and any closer to gold it would shimmer. It is casual, yet elegant. Large tables, wide chairs, simple settings. An open kitchen gently lures us inside with a plethora of unusual scents. Fires dance on stoves and pans clatter gently amid the dull murmur of conversation. The place is busy!

Menus are in the form of a fancy clipboard, with a list of dishes and pencils attached, allowing customers to tick the items they want. We guess this is to move things along, however without accompanying descriptions of dishes, we find ourselves snickering about possibilities and needing to ask the waiter more questions… though perhaps that is the idea. In any case, staff are very helpful.


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