Restaurant review: Agora, Limassol

12 September 2020

Restaurant review: Agora, Limassol

I grew up in Limassol’s old town, with my family working in the area around Saripolou street. Watching the old town turn into a bustling centre focused on young people, be it for education, entertainment, coworking spaces and more, has been intriguing to say the least.

I remember the Pantopoleio, the market, in the early 90s, when stepping foot inside was not for the faint of heart. The smell of butchered meat, fresh fish and ample amounts of produce would probably seem overpowering today. But the place has certainly changed now.

Renovation, renewal, refurbishment, regeneration, rejuvenation. Finding the right word for the project that turned the Limassol Pantopoleio to the new Agora indoor market and food hall isn’t so straightforward.


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