Restaurant review: Taverna Zenon, Larnaca

05 October 2019

Restaurant review: Taverna Zenon, Larnaca

One thing that can definitely be said about Cyprus is that there is no shortage of places to go and eat. This is useful when guests come from abroad! This time, the request was for a traditional meze. As a result, we ended up going to Taverna Zenon. Despite having been in operation for nine years, I had never previously heard of this restaurant. One reason may be that it is hidden down a narrow side street in a residential area. Definitely not something you stumble across while walking around town.

Walking up to the restaurant, it looked like a little taverna with only a few tables and chairs. Despite being completely empty, I still mentioned that we had a reservation. The waiter gestured to us to follow him. Taverna Zenon, it turns out, is much larger than you would think from first appearances. It is quite long and I’d imagine in the winter they have the ability to seat well over 100 people. We were led to a garden that had a ceiling of vine leaves crawling across the wooden structure. The light blue checked tablecloths and traditional wooden chairs with wicker seats were exactly what you would expect from a traditional taverna. We let the waiter know we were there for the meze so he quickly took our drinks order and hurried off to the kitchen.


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