Our future security relies on protection from cyber threats

13 June 2018

Our future security relies on protection from cyber threats

“Cybersecurity is crucial for the protection of society and for its prosperity and the sooner citizens comprehend this the better,” executive director of the recently formed Cyprus Cybersecurity Organisation (CyCSO) Executive Director Constantinos Tsiourtos told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

“As our daily lives and our economy are increasingly dependent on digital technologies, our exposure to cybercrime risks is also growing. Malicious cyber-activities do not only threaten our economies and our progress towards digital single market, but also the very function of our democracy, freedoms and values. Our future security depends on adapting our capacity to protect the EU and the member states from cyber threats, our critical infrastructure is based on digital systems,” he said.

CyCSO was founded only a month ago and aims at informing companies and citizens of the risks to and vulnerability of their privacy. It is a private initiative led by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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