Restaurant review: Zephyros, Larnaca

10 November 2023

Restaurant review: Zephyros, Larnaca

Restaurants come and go but some past the test of time and become well established. If you live in Larnaca, you will definitely know Zephyros, which has been in operation since 1976. I hadn’t been to Zephyros for a very long time and so when someone suggested we go one sunny Saturday afternoon I was keen to revisit.

Walking in to the restaurant, it was exactly as I remembered it! The memories came flooding back and it was though I had been a week ago. There is a lack of ambience in terms of music playing in the background and fancy décor but somehow, it’s part of the charm. Waiters whizzing around, families at tables chatting away – this sort of hustle and bustle could sometimes be a turn-off but it actually wasn’t. Maybe it was the nostalgia kicking in or maybe it was just something about the energy that worked.


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