Bar review: BrewFellas, Nicosia

09 August 2019

Bar review: BrewFellas, Nicosia

By Christos Papadopoulos

The time is 6 o’clock and I’ve just finished work. Radio announces that the temperature is hitting 37C, so I am in a desperate need of an ice-cold beer. Walking around downtown Nicosia, I make my way to the only bar I know that serves the coldest and best available beer at such time: BrewFellas.

BrewFellas is a craft beer importer and distributor in Nicosia. Established in 2010, it began importing craft beer from abroad and slowly turned into a bottle shop, before it opened as a bar in 2011.

As it is still too hot to sit outside, I make my way inside and into the bar and order one of my favourite summer drinks, Militsa Apple Cider. “The key point of BrewFellas,” says assistant manager Khatch Yildizian “is serving the best and the freshest craft beer”. The bar serves beers from around the world, such as Garage, Hoppin’ Frog, and many others all the way from the US. There is also a very nice collection of whiskeys and scotch, from the US and Ireland.


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