All at sea: Limassol boat show promises fun for the family

08 May 2019

All at sea: Limassol boat show promises fun for the family

Living on a Mediterranean island lends itself to certain activities. Swimming for one, because who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the turquoise waters? How to make the perfect gin and tonic (a summer afternoon prerequisite) is another. And then there’s sailing – not only as a precaution against the day the zombie apocalypse grounds all the planes, but because there’s simply nothing as divine as a long day out on the waves. Which begs the all-important question: do you have a boat?

Probably not. But we can dream. In the same way young ladies read Vogue for designer frocks they’ll never afford, and like the hordes of wannabe toffs coveting life at the local manor, we’re fans of the Limassol Boat Show… And though that 60-foot yacht is unlikely to ever be part of our quiet lives, the fantasy is fun!

Taking place at the Limassol Marina (the only superyacht marina in the Mediterranean!) from Thursday to Sunday, this annual show is simply packed with luxurious craft. It’s the region’s premier boating event, with world renowned manufacturers, distributors and industry professionals bringing you the very best of nautical note, playing to your dream of a privileged, carefree, lifestyle.


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